Friday, January 8, 2010

peace n understanding??

guess..most of us just so pissed of with the news lately.
where churches get torched!!! v are a joke in the whole world
which u can find WORLD TOP STORIES in CNN news
tis act is so barbarian and like a moron or even worse than that.
tis bunch of ppl will nvr get their forgiveness from their allah for sure
as i believe that there's no religion out there
ask and teach u to attack others ppl faith and so.
i nvr blame on malay or muslim as i have malay frens and lotsa muslim fren
where i find they are CIVILIZED and peace lover.
despite this stupid act,
NAJIB u memang did a great job huh??
by saying that u can't do anything with it if ppl wanna protest
wat the hell is tis?
giving an unclear statement n try to fool the ur so called 'rakyat'?
najis, v malaysian for 21th century is no longer ppl that back in 80's or 90's
where get fool by u all corrupted stinky idiotic politician.

years ago still i'll say , hell ya, i'm malaysian where i found it was great to live here
now...hahaha still i'll say malaysia is great but v'r rule by tis moron which turn the beautiful country to a sad and miserable one. thanks to u all the so called ' government'.

ppl who read this post do remember one thing.
as a malaysian do register urself for the next election.
and wisely choosing ur party. wat v nid is an efficient and 'rakyat caring' government.
not a government who ALWAYS create problem and conflict with multiracial and religion topics

from CNN i get this
Malaysia has some of the tightest government restrictions on religion in the world, according to a study published last month by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. The country was among the 10 most restrictive countries out of 175 in the survey.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry cHristmas2009

MERry CHristMAS & ePpIe New Year
everyone !!!

LitTle ShITty

~~little shitty~~

yes, it is a shit design
bean sack doll.
i get it from my fren--> partial SUM
as my birthday gift >.<
do i look so shitty?

hell not hahaha
is cute and i lup it
thanks a lot ya SUM
appreciate it
a lot lot lotsSS...

Sunday, December 13, 2009


back in action;
been a long time didn't update ady hehe~
as was busying with loads of production,my fyp, and some freelances
wat i did throughout lately?
let the photo explain it.
boy scouting again..MELAKA on 19.11.2009

what could it be in MELAKA??
makan sahaja lar~~so nothing much

then,DIGI army graduation day..
where jason get a free Wii over there lucky tard~
btw,they provide a superb dinner..O'brien Sandwich
which cost u at RM80 for 6pieces of sandwich.
unbelievable rite!!
believe it,as u can find it in curve,bangsar and klcc for tis
is NIce NICE nice~~plus free flow carlsberg somemore
dah untung lar..
jason ft Wii..yang ni lagi UNTUNG..haha congratz bro.
for ur great achievement in Need for Speed haha

next destination : Sepang Gold Coast(27.11.2009)

top view of the developed plan
think just nothing much over here lar..
nice scenery for shooting
but when it come to the beach~~
still another where it gonna disappointed u.
think is hard to find a clean and nice beach
along our selat melaka ady.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My days and my n3w BABE

another week had gone for me..
thanks to all the tests and project i have
things that must be mention here
to my groupmate and buddies who
fighting along for throughout this few years
kok wei, chan, jason, jien hau, eric(zx) kiang wei
really thanks a lot for the allowing me to be a
for almost all the projects muahahahaha
is really fun to work things out with buddy
days and nite and day and night and day and night again...
though is kinda tiring man.
after this two weeks
5more months for us to go.
and the world is waiting for us ady~~
was excited for it but yet trembling for all the uncertainty haha

following would be my new babe
which accompany
when i'm just lonely at nite.
let me present to you
the SiLeNT GuiTAr!!
act there's not much diff with others.just the design
and some special feature it's sounds is totally amazing for me.

next would be the PANASONIC lumix FS-62.
thumbs up for this compact camera.
recommend it for any ppl who looking for a digital compact camera
as quality is so great while having it in a superb duper cheap price.
with this camera....
camwhoring session just happen anywhere at anytime.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful Gates 03.10.2009

Lately was jst so so so busy with all the studies, projectsSs and of cause the nightmare of all final year student FYP-->final year project. as a result of it, plan to have a break for myself. have a broga hill last sunday, and this saturday plan to join the techflow charity forces. went to BEAUTIFUL GATE a foundation for the disable.
location o this foundation is just at PJ ss2. the main road which near SS2 murni. Most of the people here are having spinal muscular atophy肌肉萎缩症 or spinocerebellar atrophy脊髓小脑萎缩症. where ur nerve can't really communicate with each other to delivered the correct signal to your body. if any of you watch ONE LITTLE OF TEARS, is just something similar like tat.We are
having games, and sharing moment with the people's really a good experience and a heart touching one to share their story. guess wat, the children perform a sketch for us somemore but too bad tat didn't record it down.

m3 featuring with bei bei (the dog)

Big Group Photo
mr. Chen a truly inspiration person who gone through a lot of bitterness.
but still he's smiling to face the world. respect
wei zhang a cute yet naughty boy in my group
being bully scene ^^

SunRIs3 on 27.09.09

Normally I would sleep at 5am but today(27.09.09) gonna have a little bit different!!
As I wake up at 5am for BROGA HILL hiking. Had plan for this back in july but just lazy to organize one. thanks to REY for the calling hehehehe. 6 of us, ah chan chan, jason, jien hau,keith and rey 浩浩荡荡的出发了

The entrance of broga hill is a palm oil estate. We are set to go at 5.30am so u can imagine how dark it gonna be.Besides is surprisingly that, there are so so so many people coming for this hill and the sunrise as well.
Guess it just turn into a famous spot ady. Is hard to explain how great when u have the breeze in the morning and lying on green grass like there's no other work anymore.frankly be honest, dun expect any nice sceneray as there just look good in the photo. therefore oni ppl like us can spend few hours on the hill to photomaniac hahaha.this would be the outcome of the day =P

mountain people mountain sea!!waiting for the sunrisehiking kakis

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


1957年8月31日,在“國父”東姑阿都拉曼帶領下,“默迪卡”響徹云霄,于是我們的國家誕生了。爭取獨立的先賢來自不同種族、宗教、教育背景,因為同一個夢想前進,開拓了一個叫馬來亞的國家。后來,砂拉越和沙巴加入了這個國家,我們的國家從此叫馬來西亞,而彼此之間知道隔海的另一邊,有一個叫東馬和西馬的地方。我們人民來自不同的種族,我們有馬來人、華人、印度人、卡達山人、伊班人等等,我們有不同膚色,也有不同的文化,也有不同的宗教,說著不同的語言,仿佛過著不一樣的生活。我們都有一個種族或宗教的身份,仿佛都有個標簽。過去,我們也曾經有過歧見,也有過不愉快的事件,馬共、513事件刻印在歷史中,是讓我們常常借鑒和學習的歷史痕跡。現在,我們的國家,今年52歲了。不同膚色,不同宗教的人民對于國家,會有什么樣的認同感呢?我是馬來人查哈敏是馬來人,他會說、會看、會寫中文。他最喜歡的歌手叫張惠妹,他喜歡的演員是鞏俐和張國榮,他非常喜歡《霸王別姬》。他曾是寬柔獨中的學生,他的華文測驗都不錯,文言文考試曾獲得92分。曾經,他以為自己是華人,他中學時干媽、朋友幾乎都是華人。他媽媽在家有空與就干媽等朋友打麻將,他父親曾是英國軍人,在香港住過一段日子,在家沒事就和兒子說廣東話。身為JB Boy的他從小喜歡看新加坡電視臺華語節目,仰慕范文芳、周初明等人,從小夢想參加“才華洋溢出新秀”,但開始發現,是咯,自己的膚色是不一樣的,可以參加么?他有次忍不住問父母,為何送他到華校讀書,他媽媽說:“你爸認為你沒有那么聰明,如果懂華語,至少可以在附近華人煤氣店幫uncle抬煤氣嚕.......!”氣得他幾乎吐血。可愛的查哈敏和他媽媽可是,他大學到瑪拉工藝大學深造時,他周圍幾乎都是馬來人,而且開始有種族認知上的沖擊。由于他曾經就讀獨中,與講師一般說英文,結果開始有同學諷刺他不是馬來人,或偽馬來人,讓他感到生氣也難過。他在15malaysia短片《Meter》中,戲中凱里飾演的司機不屑他身為馬來人卻說英文時,他狂罵,說英文不代表不是馬來人,還用華語念出的口白:“要我們學華語,我講華語又說我不是馬來人!”這其實是他的心聲和控訴。但他很慶幸他的家庭和教育背景讓他可樂觀面對這一切,也讓他學會尊重他人。他在寬容時,有次集會師生都要向孔子像做祭拜儀式,但是他自認身為回教徒不用參與這儀式,于是當所有學生跪拜的時候,他很屌地站著,他認為在紀律一向嚴厲的寬柔敢做這樣的事情是很威的事情。他馬上被校長叫過來,他對校長說,除非父親指示他這樣做,不然他是不會向肖像跪拜的。于是,校長打電話給他父親,他父親親自來到學校了解情況後,出來告訴兒子:“明天祭拜儀式的時候,你就跟著跪拜吧!”查哈敏深感不憤,他本來可以做英雄的呀!但是為何要他跪拜讓他丟臉?他父親告訴他,到每個不同文化的環境,就要學會尊重別人。只有尊重別人,他人才會尊重你。查哈敏父親在他16歲便去世了,但他永遠記得這教誨。他現在是本地少數會說三語的馬來藝人,而他非常享受他受馬來及中華文化薰陶的思想,讓他更能夠吸納和包容他人。問他是否有想過做回真正馬來化的馬來人時,他說:“我想,我非常幸運,我其實可以很馬來化時,因為我喜歡馬來傳統藝術及習俗,我在我生活上貫徹我的回教和馬來人的習俗生活。但我也喜歡中華文化和習俗,我非常享受它帶給我豐富的生活和啟發,譬如清明節拜祖先飲水思源的精神就是我們馬來人沒有的習俗,當然,我也喜歡印度舞蹈及食物,我們家人其實也一起歡慶圣誕節!”多元文化的背景是他一直感覺幸福的事。他說有一次到中國新疆取景,當他經過火焰山時,整個團隊只有他非常興奮地大喊大叫。其他人只當火焰山是一般風景區看待,只有他想起,那是他小時候讀過《西游記》的場景呀!他知道孫悟空、豬八戒、沙憎、唐三藏、牛魔王及鐵扇公主。那時,他是覺得非常幸福的。當然,他坦承,穿梭在各族之間生活,其實也發現各族之間彼此的隔閡越來越大,彼此有歧視,甚至有仇視。他曾經與華人及印度人打成一片時,遭路過的馬來人以不屑的口吻諷刺他。他舅舅去世時,他非馬來人朋友前來慰問他,卻遭到周圍的一些親友質問為何讓非回教徒在現場?他每回上德士開口說中文後,華裔德士總是如釋重負地向他說一大堆馬來人的壞話,也不憤馬來人所受到的特權,華人卻一直被欺負,但他每回下車會很理直氣壯地說:“Uncle,其實我是馬來人,但我從來沒有接受過政府的優惠和支助,我是用我的錢,我的實力進入大學,然后大學畢業!”是的,他讀瑪拉工藝大學時,他班上學生本有30人,但是畢業時卻只剩下6人。他為他一些同學不努力,或自動放棄家人典當土地、屋子給他深造的機會,說回去甘榜賣摩多而感到痛心。所以,他為自己的努力感到驕傲。有次他侄女告訴他,有朋友叫她不要和“白皮膚”的人做朋友。他聽了很生氣,馬上跟侄女說,那“白皮膚”的人很好,你一定要和他做朋友。當他看到侄女和不同膚色的同學打成一片時,他非常得意!參演15malaysia其實他有擔心他會失去馬來市場,現在看來他在華人市場確實比較受落,但是他要學習雅斯敏精神,只要是對的,就去做吧!他相信會更多人會加入反種族主義的一群!他受邀參與15malaysia時,他一聽到巫青團長凱里要和他對演,他第一的反應是:不要!但是導演告訴他,這也不正是他和凱里有機會交流的時候嗎?后來,他答應和凱里對演,因為他想起要尊重每一個人想法的理念。他要學他敬愛的雅斯敏,用愛去尊重每個人,不分膚色及宗教地對待每個人。所以,當有人問起他是什么人時,他會很直接地說,他是馬來西亞人。簡單明了。這篇是我寫的國慶特輯中,最喜歡的一篇。喜歡是因為受訪者查哈敏有許多可挖掘的故事,他是演員,也善于說故事,重點是故事好聽且有意義。由于篇幅的關系,我無法將他的故事一一寫出,一部分比較敏感的,也沒有寫在報道中。這里我整理比較完整的訪問。查哈敏有參與喜劇《Mr.siao》和《15malaysia》兩部短片的演出。我必須承認,他和很多馬來人不同,但是雅斯敏也不是和很多馬來人不同么?但是他們的存在,對于這國家,是多元文化孕育的資產,也是感動的符號。

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The lord himself wil goes before you
will be with you
he will never leave you
forsake you
do not be afraid,
do not be discouraged.
Deuteronomy 31:8