Friday, January 8, 2010

peace n understanding??

guess..most of us just so pissed of with the news lately.
where churches get torched!!! v are a joke in the whole world
which u can find WORLD TOP STORIES in CNN news
tis act is so barbarian and like a moron or even worse than that.
tis bunch of ppl will nvr get their forgiveness from their allah for sure
as i believe that there's no religion out there
ask and teach u to attack others ppl faith and so.
i nvr blame on malay or muslim as i have malay frens and lotsa muslim fren
where i find they are CIVILIZED and peace lover.
despite this stupid act,
NAJIB u memang did a great job huh??
by saying that u can't do anything with it if ppl wanna protest
wat the hell is tis?
giving an unclear statement n try to fool the ur so called 'rakyat'?
najis, v malaysian for 21th century is no longer ppl that back in 80's or 90's
where get fool by u all corrupted stinky idiotic politician.

years ago still i'll say , hell ya, i'm malaysian where i found it was great to live here
now...hahaha still i'll say malaysia is great but v'r rule by tis moron which turn the beautiful country to a sad and miserable one. thanks to u all the so called ' government'.

ppl who read this post do remember one thing.
as a malaysian do register urself for the next election.
and wisely choosing ur party. wat v nid is an efficient and 'rakyat caring' government.
not a government who ALWAYS create problem and conflict with multiracial and religion topics

from CNN i get this
Malaysia has some of the tightest government restrictions on religion in the world, according to a study published last month by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. The country was among the 10 most restrictive countries out of 175 in the survey.


cindylsy said...

totally agree!!! n one more thing that seriously pissed me off is they even attack school! excuse me! WTH! n those ppl only know how to give empty promises n guarantees instead of real actions!

LvINn said...

now oni u know they know how to give empty promises?
been decades they giving empty promises ady lar.just duno why
when elections come, ppl just forget about it again..sigh..
so malaysian, THINK
and v,rakyat are the one who love peace n harmony!!

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